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anybody played Hakuoki on 3DS? it’s on offer but i think it’s some dating sim bullshit BUT I JUST WANT VISUAL NOVELS i got a hankering here

MAN you're reminding me of how badly I sucked at Tokyo Jungle xD

Haha, well the game is a real punisher sometimes i think a lot of it comes down to luck! Last run i had three polluted areas in a row and only managed 15 years. Sometimes i game will just bend you over its knee.

HOLY SHIT i lasted 89 years as an axis deer, 10 generations then i just got sucker punched by a dinosaur as i jumped out of the sewer! it took all 6 of my siblings out in one go!

i don’t know how the hell you’re supposed to survive for more than five seconds above ground with shit everywhere, but i had to get some food and raise my rank. plus mates just got killed the second i got them on screen and argh. that was a damn good run—i got really lucky there until the end. i think i like playing grazers (gotta unlock that ostrich!) better than predators, at least so far.

daaaaamn, Tokyo jungle is hard. i just got wrecked by a gang of fucking sheep! i’ve only been able to last 49 years at my best with the pommy, so now i’m just fucking around trying to unlock the other animals. i really want to be a crocodile or a horse.

Hey, if i cant find anyone who will trade my EU code for an NA code, i can give you mine! :)

Thanks, i’d appreciate that! It must be annoying to have a code for the wrong region x _x

aww, doesn’t look like i’m getting a Smash demo code. not even sure who gets them in EU. well, i wasn’t getting the game for 3DS anywhay ^^’

Re-watching Digimon Adventure. Damn, this is cheesy as all hell, haha.