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tales of xillia 2 why are you doing this to me?

of all the games to make me emotional it was a Tales of game!? ;______;

everything past chapter 11 is a straight punch to the gut. god fucking damnit Ludger and Elle. i’m not sure which ending is even supposed to be the good one! the sad one, or the other sad one D:

i REALLY wished i’d got the collector’s edition now—i want that Ludger figure ilu sweet dumb babyman



i kinda want tomodachi life but it’s £35 (i want digital), and that’s a bit too steep for what it is. but now it’s on offer for £28 but is that still too steep? but but but


Trade with Zhampy!!

It's funny how some people add boobs to non mammalian animals, lol. Nice job though, I love how you made that!

And hair too, lol. But i think it’s fun if a little weird looking sometimes. Thanks xD

Commission for albinowolfen@FA

Hi there! Omg it's so great to randomly found your tumblr! Do you still draw digimon? I used to admire you back when you're in DA. It's nice to see your art again. Good luck recovering your throat!

Thanks for the well wishes! I don’t draw Digimon much anymore, but i’m sure i will when that new season with the original Digidestined starts!

I DUNNO HOW YOURE DOING RIGHT NOW, but I hope things are alright and I hope you have a good birthday! qvq

Thanks for the concern, Ri. At least i was up and about today! Had a nice, quiet birthday.

Shit’s been pretty bad this past few days. My chest feels heavy and it’s difficult to breathe. i only really feel comfortable lying down. i’m wondering if i’m getting liquid in my lungs or something??? and my hospital appointment isn’t until October :/ my birthday is Sunday and this really sucks. i’ll give it a few more days and if it doesn’t get any better i’ll have ANOTHER appointment with the doctor. four times in two months… they must be getting sick of me ha ha