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Micro Chibi commission for Ethelune@FA

it’s soooo fuckin hot omg i can’t draw, my hand keeps sticking to my tablet :( i can’t lineart like this!

Hello :D I was wondering how often or just when in general would you take pokemon requests? ; w ;

I’ll take those lineless Pokemon requests whenever really :>

Redesigning Kaybee. She’s part pony, part sheep, I like 2 and 4 best. Actually, i like 1 and 3 as well but they make it look like a beard xD And 2 doesn’t really make her look sheepy at all :/

omg i have fucking thunderbugs in my computer screen AGAIN little fuckers. everything about summer sucks. roll on winter please!

Got more Pokemon soft toys from thedarkenedelf; Goomy, Litwick and Celebi! RUnning out of spaces to put them all now xD hope they bring out a new Jirachi for ORAS.

Do you get bad heart burn? I had a painful lump in my throat that hurt and itched constantly. It turned out to be a combination of irritation from acid and post nasal drip. If you don't have acid reflux problems you can just ignore this lol

I had actually thought it may be something like that! I get indigestion a lot (but no heartburn), and i almost constantly have a blocked nose. Got some antacids today actually, so gonna try that for a bit and see if it changes anything.

A lump present in your neck next to your throat accompanied by soreness and burning/itching inside is probably bronchitis with an abscess in your glands. What you described in that post sounds exactly like what I get every winter. The best remedy is just an antibiotic. But doctors might want to do surgery on the abscess to avoid the risk of worse infection if it were to burst for any reason.

Ah, really? Well, i certainly hope it’s something minor like that! Both doctors felt my glands and they were fine apparently. The lump feels low down around the adam’s apple area when swallowing. Guess i’ll find out when i have the camera.

Went to the doctors again today and they still don’t really know what’s wrong with my throat. It stings and burns to swallow, but i think the lump has lessened a tad! So i’m getting an appointment at hospital to have a camera shoved down my neck :/