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wish i could just sketch all day erryday and never get to second base

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright IS SO GOOD okay, it’s really good and it’s really cute and it’s really funny and i love you so much Phoenix and Maya. I’m thinking “lol that person has their hand on Layton’s butt” and immediately afterwards Maya is like “oh, look where that person has their hand!” omg good ol’ dorkmeister nick and maya so good

chapter 4 CHAPTER 4 and chapter five too ;________;

AA3 > AA1 > PLvsPW > AA5 > AA2 > AA4
Godot > Edgeworth > Blackquill > Franziska > Barhnam > Klavier

Ending is kind of blah, but it is a layton game so expected really.

(am i the only person who likes oldbag?)

How do i have two Articuno and two Zapdos but not even one Moltres!?

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright is fantastic btw

Practise drawing buff guys. That sort of strong, thick look without the strange triangle-shaped chest glamour muscles? Ain’t easy. And generic, blue wolf fella.

lovelesskia said: Yearly frog babies! Are you going to build them a new setup?

Gonna put them in two smaller containers until they start growing them some legs, then i’ll put em in the blue paddling pool i used last year! It’s easier to clean the water when they’re in smaller containers.

Got some frog spawn, alriiiight. My neighbour moved and he was just going to dump his fish (he killed two already), so my other neighbour offered to rescue them. Of course then second neighbour realised that those fish would eat the frog spawn she always gets (right?), so i rescued all the frog spawn from her! And also one snail by accident. So now i have all this fucking frog spawn—look at all that! Must be thousands of the little buggers!


We had some a year ago that my dad got from a pond they were filling in at work. I love tadpoles. This is the setup we had last year:


Looks like i’ve got a hell of a lot more this time!

So i apparently have carpal tunnel now, fml.

I have been freaking out this last few days over my useless, shitty arm loosing all feeling and it’s CTS. Started in the tip of my middle finger and spread. It’s my right arm, my working arm! Though to be fair, if it had been my left arm i would have been basically terrified. It’s not bad or anything yet, but i’d like to head it off as much as possible. So frustrating, i have work to do!

I don’t suppose anyone whose dealt with carpal tunnel has and good advice and/or good exercises to keep it at bay?